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June 19, 2010

I have a view from my front porch.  I live in east Ft Worth in that little strip between Euless and Arlington.  We get our mail through the Euless post office.  Go figure!  Anyway, I live in a manufactured home park on Trinity Blvd.  It is a nice place to live.  It isn’t what you think of as a “trailer park.”  We have concrete paved streets and for the most part the houses are not as close together as in some housing additions.  When I moved to Texas from California (San Bernardino Country) six years ago I wanted a front porch large enough to be able to sit out and enjoy the fresh air.  From my front porch I can see some of the traffic on Trinity Blvd. one of the main streets to the FFA.  I can also see the Bell Helicopter  complex and quite a bit of the skyline of the City of Ft Worth.

From my front porch I can sit and read the Star-Telegram, which I do every morning.  Usually I will drink a cup or two of coffee and maybe even have a few pulls off a stogie while I am there.  I also can get my emails on my iPhone and do some work on my MacBook computer.

I think about a lot of things on My Front Porch.  I have friends that I see occasionally and have breakfast or lunch with.  I think of my boys who live nearby and their lives and how they live them.  I remember a daughter I lost 7 years ago at age 47.  She is never far from my mind.  I think of a friend who lives in the Texas Hill Country with whom I talk a couple of times a week, and another friend who lives in Florida with whom I communicate almost daily.  I think of my long time friends in Oklahoma City that I have now known for 45 years and the many friends that I have made through the years in various states where I have worked.

You see, I am a 78 year old gospel preacher and have worked in several states, 9 or 10 anyway, and have friends of long standing from those times.  I do a weekly radio program  broadcast in Springfield, Missouri at 101.3 FM each Sunday morning and I think about that some.  I think of articles I have written and am working on and a bunch of other things.

I think of this administration that is in charge in Washington, the worst I have seen in my lifetime and wonder how it is going to affect my kids and grandkids and great grandkids.  I wonder what it is going to be like for them.  I am not concerned about myself because I won’t be around to see the fallout from all this.

How about this business of breaking up the Big 12?  Can you imagine.  I am not a big sports fan but when I heard this I could hardly believe it.  Of course, I am old enough to remember the Big 8.  I guess things are going to change, especially where money is concerned, and that is what this is about, money.

I’ll sign off for this time and hope to see you again soon.