I have never liked politics, but that does not mean I am not interested in what is going on.  But I like politics less today than even.  The reason?  Two men, who are politicians, that I have appreciated for a number of years, have engaged in disappointing conduct because things didn’t go the way they wanted.

Rick Perry, our Governor, going after his opponent for the presidential nomination, using things completely out of context and saying things I know he does not believe.  That is a Christian whose wife God speaks to?  Perhaps he got caught up in the moment by what Gingrich is doing but that is no excuse.  I would have expected something like that from the other side but not from a republican.

It isn’t that I don’t know and understand there is a little under handiness that goes on in politics all the time, but to take an obviously decent mans words complete out of contest is beneath their dignity, a Governor and a former House Speaker.

I have a message for both Perry and Gingrich. SHUT YOUR MOUTH!  if you cannot run a decent and dignified campaign, then what good is the job if you get it?  If you have to sacrifice your dignity and the dignity of your offices, how much have you gained.  Not only will you lose your credibility with the voters in those primaries, you will lose your credibility with the people with whom you will have to work.

Nuff Sed?



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