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June 23, 2013


When I began this some years back i thought I had a lot to say and this would be a good place and way to say it. Then things begin to happen.  I was sick for a while and didn’t feel much like doing anything.  Then I started a process of trying to get rid of my arthritis pain in my knees, went through that for several months, time and money down the drain.

Finally I decided to have knee replacement surgery have had that done over the last year.  Didn’t accomplish what I really wanted but got rid most of the pain so I will take what I can get.  So, not that I am 100 percent most of the time, I still feel good enough to see if I can write on a little more regular basis.

There is so much junk coming out of Washington these days, each time I turn on the news on TV I wonder what is going to “break” next.  Evidently most people don’t know it but this government is broken, not only are we in debt to the tune of 17 Trillion dollars, and counting, the SYSTEM is broken.  In all my 81 years I have never seen it the way it is now.  There is absolutely no cooperation between the “Executive” branch and Congress so nothing is getting done, it appears the courts are making laws where Congress should be doing it.  It i so frustrating it would drive a person to…do something crazy.

It has got to be fixed.  Yeah, I know it will be tough but the longer we go the tougher it will be to get it fixed.  We have to start somewhere.  I think we should have started by getting rid of this President in the last election but we didn’t.  Now we have to elect some people to the House and the Senate that know how to get things done and stand up to bullies.

Nuff said for now,