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December 16, 2013

I heard on the news this morning that John McCain is somewhere overseas, again.  Almost every time you turn around we hear about some politician that has gone overseas, or they have gathered for some “conference.”  It really doesn’t matter to me where they go.  What i want to know is Why?  These people are supposed to be representing their people in the district where they were elected.  It cannot mean very much to the folks back home that their representative is somewhere overseas, (on our dime) discussing things that has nothing to do with us.

First of all, these guys that are supposed to be representing us, don’t work very much anyway.  Every time you turn around, they are taking some time off, in fact, right now, they are trying to get things out of the way so they can go home for the holidays.  I have forgotten the number of days they take off but no one in private industry can hold a job taking as much time off as the politicians do.


ddondly, if they are going to travel (I think the need is questionable at best) they should pay their own travel expense.  They have a good salary, which they set themselves without our input.  They have a pension equal to their salaries, again, that they set themselves.  So if they are going to travel, they should pay for it themselves.