Gentlemen. It seems that I remember during the campaign last year, several politicians, including you, Mr. President, said you wanted to “get rid of Obamacare” and let the people decide for themselves what insurance they wanted or needed.

Now, I am hearing that you are going to keep some of the Obamacare.  For what? If the healthcare plan is offensive (and it is), why in the world would we want to keep some of it.

Another thing, now I m heard a lot of, “repeal and replace.”  My memory may be a little slow but why should we replace something with another something where people are having to deal with laws and regulations that determine what they do about their insurance.

It’s simple, REPEAL OBAMACARE, PERIOD. Let the market determine what insurance is, as it has always been.  The American people do not need a babysitter or a guide to tell them what to do about insurance.  Why, all of a sudden is it necessary that the government, which has an terrible history of managing business, get involved in personal decisions of our people.

It is our money, why can’t we decide how to spend it?

Chief, Ed Smithson


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