Almost every day i hear on televison or radio that a terrible thing has happened, people killed and injured for no reason at all, and they say “it has not yet been determined if it is terrorism.” Terrorism is defined as: “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”

Do you think a guy is waving an automatic gun or piston is doing it “just for fun.”  Anytime someone appears out of nowhere and begins shooting people at random, for no apparent reason than his own, he is doing it to instill fear in people.  From that point on, people who were there, although not injured, will remember that every time they go to a public place, perhaps for the rest of their lives.  Is that not “violence and intimidation?”

Public images continue to say, “if you see something, say something,” and most of us continue to ignore it.  One reason is that most law officials will not take us seriously, and if it gets to the politicians, i guarantee you they “dress it up” to where it will not sound so bad by the time they get through with it.

For so long we have heard, “you cannot take the law into your own hands,” for so long that it has gotten into the psyche that people have developed the idea that a citizen cannot act in any way on his own to prevent crime.  That is the job of the police.

So now the terrorists are targeting the police because they are the only enemy.  Everyone remembers the slaying of five police officers in Dallas last year, at the police station, of all places.

So now, we need to educate the population to the idea that this is their country, they have to get involved if we are to remain safe.

The time is now, and it is not really that hard to do.



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