Happy New Year, We Made It!

We are a month in and have made it to Great Exuma Island in the Bahamas. Tomorrow we will cross over the Tropic of Cancer and plan to spend the day at the Tropic of Cancer Beach. We have skipped many hot spots calling us to explore; we will hit those on the way back to Florida. Adjusting to boat life is a different experience than I can explain. I feel lost and find the days get away from us if I do not have a schedule or an itinerary of what we want to do, and those days are dull. The boys are thriving, with only a couple of broken fingers and toes.
Most importantly, no fire or potential for a fire on this boat. I am still looking for another name for our adventure blog, I have tried brainstorming a new blog name, but I cannot commit to something new, and we have earned the title, So welcome back to Smoke Signals and our latest adventures on the Leah K. Rest In Peace, Olivia.


  1. Lynn Hostmyer says:

    Happy New Year!! Love all the pictures and memories that you all are making!! Miss you guys😘😘

  2. Bonita Cathey says:

    Treasured memories

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