Jumento Cays/Ragged Islands

Moving from Georgetown to the Jumentos. Video and pictures navigating Hog Cut with friends. Very shallow and rocky and only able to cut through at high tide. The rest of the day it is too shallow rocky to safely pass.

Zach took Sawyer and Easton to walk a trail to check out another beach, they did not make it, the trail was too rugged and too many blown out flip flops.

We spent 5 days in the Jumentos; we could not make it to the Ragged Islands and had to return to Georgetown/Emerald Bay. Emerald Bay has been our home base for the past month. We can spend around 5 days anchored around other islands and beaches before running out of water and needing to charge the house battery. Running the generator helps charge the house bank. Still, because of wiring issues that are way above my head, we have to head back to Emerald to hook up to shore power to run our water-maker, recharge batteries, use their laundry services, clean the boat, and restock groceries from the market. Water-maker and house batteries are a top priority to repair after our trip this year. Suppose the house battery and water maker were working correctly. In that case, we could stay anchored out for a couple of weeks before heading into a marina. Unfortunately, on a boat with a family of 6, we can only conserve our water so much before we run out. Not flushing a toilet is a big stinky deal. Also, is there a law somewhere that says every time you hang clothes up to line dry outside, it rains? Yes, we hang clothes off our boat and line-dry them every day. We have a washer/dryer on the boat, but that is another item that needs to be rewired because it only works on shore power. So we are finding Emerald Bay in the Exumas is a great home base for the southern Exumas.

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